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It's quite simple, really—I'm a fun, innovative,
environment-obsessed graphic designer.
Click here to download my resume. Feel free
to contact me with any thoughts and inquiries.
Direct mail postcards and a mini catalogue
advertise Mieda Design's upscale furniture.
Details Magazine Layout Concepts   Details Interactive Magazine Concept   Toys "R" Us Annual Report Concept   Universal One Website
Elder Abuse Awareness Campaign   Buckets of Candy Packaging   Salt Water Taffy Packaging   Suckers Candy Co. Website
Cool Note Productions Logo / Stationary   Cool Note Productions Poster   Global Employment Group Logo   LaunchPad Logo Concept
Mieda Design Brochure   Mieda Design Direct Mail   Mieda Design Website   Gardening Newsletter
Pentax Package Redesign Concept   Pentax Interactive POP Concept  

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P 647 · 899 · 3780
E leslie@lesliebox.com